Boiler Beer

    In old Soviet movies, there was used a common tradition to display people pouring beer from three-litre glass cans, indulging in nostalgia, we decided to give the customers an opportunity to try this wonderful drink. Now all fans of a foamy beer can enjoy the taste, that is characterized as a very soft, accompanied with legendary bitterness. Being poured into mugs and glasses, dense white foam is formed and settled for a long time. The colour is pleasantly golden, and the aroma is deliciously intensive with a slight touch of bread.

    4% об.
    э. н. с.
    11 %

    Кега 30л, 50л, ПЭТ кега 30л

    Срок годности
    90 суток

    Попробуй Премиум

    Black Bear

    Безумный Монах

    American Pale Ale

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