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We are chosen by the customers because:

1. We offer high quality products for a good price

  • Raw materials

    The suppliers of the Kursk Brewery Cesky Lev are some leading manufacturers of raw materials, the company has a streamlined system of incoming control.
  • The technology

    The brewery is equipped with advanced European equipment and meets all international standards, all processes are automated. Among the equipment suppliers, only world industry leaders are - KRONES, Anton Paar, Flottweg, Inoxpa, Alfa Laval, Bitzer, Siemens, Bosch, etc.
  • Employees

    At the brewery work very qualified employees with many years of experience in the beer industry work. We hold on the annual exchange programmes aimed to share the experience of world leaders in the brewing industry.
  • Quality control

    The use of own laboratory allows controlling the quality of raw materials and afterwards -- the manufactured products at the final stages of brewing.
  • Documents

    All the products are manufactured strictly according to the State Quality Standard, meet all sanitary and hygienic requirements and have the certificates of conformity.

2. Orientation to the tastes and preferences of customers is one of the aims set up at the brewery.

We brew natural beer that is preferred by the customers, we expand the product line and respond to changes quickly, according to the demand.

3. Minimum and timely shipment times are the prerogatives of the brewery.

4. We provide flexible pricing, individual approach.

5. In partnership we value honesty and support such relations.

We value our reputation.
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