Kursk Brewery Ресурс 3

High-quality beer production from natural raw materials

Our advantages

We produce high-quality beer from natural raw materials. All products are processed through quality control in our own laboratory

The brew factory is provided with modern European equipment.

We recruit highly qualified specialists with long- term experience.

Prompt Processing and timely uninterrupted shipment of orders are guaranteed

All beers are produced in accordance with the state quality standard.

It is convenient to do deal with us.

All sorts of beer

  • Crazy monk

  • Black Bear

  • Lev Light Non-Alcohol

  • Zhigulevskoe

  • Wheat Beer

  • Lev Root Beer Velvet

  • Lev Light (Bar edition)

  • Mala Praha

  • K Löve

  • Czech Ale Pale

  • Czech Ale Brown

  • American Pale Ale

  • Kursk Unfiltered Beer

  • Kursk Beer

  • Nostalgia

  • Esenin Beer

  • Kuban

  • Homemade Beer

  • Oberhausen

  • Czech Сourtyard

    The main about the brewery

    Kursk brewery 

    The production and sale of beer, soft drinks and snack products are our key specialities. Very high-quality natural products that give people pleasure, raising their mood and make their life brighter and more diverse are produced at Cesky Lev

    The goals of our company:

    • To produce high-quality beer only from natural raw materials
    • To maintain a high level of quality
    • To produce beer that matches the tastes and preferences of customers
    • To increase customer loyalty to the Cesky Lev brand and their satisfaction
    • To increase the existing market share of the Russian Federation and to develop new sales markets
    • To use the opportunities of other areas in production and to support the brewing business
    • To be the most attractive employer for employees
    • To increase the level of their competence and professionalism
    • To build the image and credibility of the Cesky Lev brand

    The tour around the brewery

      We are open for cooperation

      The Kursk brewing company Cesky Lev is open for cooperation both in the regions of Russia and in exporting to neighbouring countries: Kazakhstan, the LPR, the DPR, Belarus, and others.

      Sales department
      Mon - Fri from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
      Sat, Sun - day off
      Banking Details

      18P, Magistralniy passage, Kursk, Russia
      +7 (4712) 270-070