Kursk Unfiltered Beer

    Light opaque beer with a pronounced hop aftertaste that remains after a quality beer is a variety of "Kursk unfiltered" is brewed according to classical German technology in compliance of state quality standards. To make a perfect mixture for brewing there are some sorts of hops are used: bitter, bitter-aromatic, and aromatic. Beer brewed from malt, hops and water and never lose its popularity.

    Серебряная медаль на 21м Международном профессиональном конкурсе пивоварения и безалкогольных напитков 2016 год


    4,6 %


    12 %


    Кега 30л, 50л, ПЭТ кега 30л

    Срок годности
    90 суток

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    темное густое

    Безумный монах

    светлое нефильтрованное

    Pale Ale

    светлое фильтрованное
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